Its Showtime. Are You Ready?

“When all we see is evil deeds; a miracle is what we need.”-Nadine Sadaka Boulos Its interesting times to be alive for sure. Everyday is a gift. And what better way to use this gift than is to be creativity free... Ahh a good old Twilight Zone episode. This episode is a real gem. … Continue reading Its Showtime. Are You Ready?

Data Meets Beta-Pitch [5]

Main Character: A handsome forty year old mysterious Behavioral psychologist, who is a perfectionist Secondary Character: An ambitious and equally attractive research assistant, who is a witty yet an intelligent smart ass. 3am, On The Watch... This futuristic drama is a sci-fi story about the ethical limits of technology. It kicks off in the year 2033 with a failed mission. (Note that: existing … Continue reading Data Meets Beta-Pitch [5]

Love In The Law-Pitch [4]

PROTAGONIST [Main Character] : Laura Dublin-An attractive successful female defense attorney, who has an obsessive nature. SECONDARY CHARACTER: A handsome eligible bachelor, who can keep a secret. PLOT: It’s a thriller story about the underbelly of society. It kicks off in a quiet residential district with evidence that may reopen a decade-long cold case. (Note … Continue reading Love In The Law-Pitch [4]

The Golden Glow of Creativity Ensues

The earliest memory of watching Bob Ross paint invites a clear picture of nothing short of what gradually appeared to be a masterpiece. He of course made it look so easy but this was only the part of the depths of his painting presentations. The whole Bob Ross show centered around creative activity. Not only … Continue reading The Golden Glow of Creativity Ensues

Bookstore Beauties Gone Wild-Pitch [3]

This is a story about the need of intimacy verses the desire for independence. Its about a clever main character ( Charles Loom) who is mysteriously attracted to another main character (Holly Baconi). Ignoring the advances of would-be suitors, the main character (Charles Loom) decides to give love a chance when he misreads the signs … Continue reading Bookstore Beauties Gone Wild-Pitch [3]

As In The Days of Noah-Pitch [2]

This is a documentary-style story with an emphasis on how the invention of man-made robotics ultimately destroys humanity as we know it today. The story is about a rebellious dancer(main character). It takes place at a human detention center in what appears to be a junkyard. The humans are kept within a heavily surveilled detention … Continue reading As In The Days of Noah-Pitch [2]