Freedom Alive

Freedom Freedom Freedom is worth keeping…Don’t you think ?

However, a more disturbing question emerges from the darkness…

Could freedom be taken? That is…

To Take-As in Remove, Confiscate, Withdraw

Can we live free although bound physically with oppressive measures restricted in expressing our God given liberties? The Answer is a resounding yes. Why? Because there is an inner spiritual freedom in Christ that solidifies an authoritative power to save which thankfully can last throughout a lifetime and beyond that no man/woman or system can take away. Believe it or not.

Yet, we the people press on with a heartfelt love for freedom and all its beautiful expressions that exist in the human heart to be creatively free. It is in this hope in freedom that we the people seek to make this planet a more lovely inhabitable place to be. Godspeed and May God Bless the Untied States of America. Salutes

Stay Tuned…The Best Is Yet To Come…

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