One Stop Shop

All the other players new that at the end they would fail but they still kept playing anyway. How sad….

One day at the base of disappear there was a group of weary souls wondering if they had what it took to make it. Then it seemed in a blink of an eye they were changed into beautiful messengers of Truth. ‘Get to the truth!’ they proclaimed. In a destined yet equally miraculous moment in time they joined together in unity until folly was taken down in handcuffs by Justice. Go figure…

Okay, there was a guy his name was Bob. Bob new that if he took something from someone else he would have to replace it but then he thought he could get away with it so he kept stealing at night until he was caught red handed and thrown in prison. What a disturbingly tragic path to take…

Go to the end of the earth until you get to the end of the road and see that there is a power greater than we are, yes this power is commonly called, God. How extraordinary is that! A real revelation.

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