Day 10…

Remembering The Day When…

Golden Globes Canceled….Seems the People have spoken

According to Deadline, There will be no Golden Globes on NBC in 2022, as the besieged Hollywood Foreign Press Association continues to falter in reforming itself to the satisfaction of Hollywood studios and stakeholders.

2 cents dribble…

Its been a downward spiral for what used to be an entertaining themed night but to date gradually turned into a political virtue signaling bonanza . Yet, despite the repetitive fall in ratings the continual inclusion of political themed talking points masked as casual unfunny jokes ensued. With each year passing the blatant hypocritical standards of the entertainment world became more apparent by those awake enough to see it. But with ‘the show must go on’ motto its dwindling audience are now left with well nothing. Which poses another interesting question is the public over its royalty like ‘celebrity’ fixation? We shall see.. for now thankfully we won’t at least in the form of Golden Globes on NBC.

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