Oscars Take Another Nose Dive In Ratings

Oscars Take another dud bath in ratings once again. Its not getting better when it comes to viewership indeed it is getting worse. Hmm wonder why? Perhaps people don’t want the injection of agenda based monologues and skits on political matters that are overtly presented at nauseum thought-out the broadcast.

Last night’s Oscars was a complete hot mess-as 13.75 million fewer viewers watched vs. last year, a decline of 58.3% which is almost a 50% drop in viewership compared to last year.

According to the Varity,

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony, broadcast live from both Union Station and the Dolby Theatre in L.A. on ABC, hit a staggering low.

Per Nielsen Live+Same Day preliminary national numbers, an average of 9.85 million viewers tuned in on Sunday evening to watch a more intimate and stripped-down version of the Oscars in the midst of a pandemic. That’s a 58.3%, 13.75 million viewer drop-off from last year. The Academy’s third host-less show in a row scored a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 in the fast national ratings, a 64.2% dip from 2020.

Shall we watch celebrities’ and insiders give awards to themselves for whatever achievement was had on or off camera on movies that the wider public don’t actually have a vote in for?

Actually what would be fantastic to see in the film is more cultural variety and diversity not only among its talent but in other areas of production too. Perhaps Hollywood should also practice what they morally preach to the masses as well. Yet, although there have been improvements in film production, there is still more to be done as far as providing content that is in itself ideologically diverse and inclusive such as the development of artistically Christian themed and family-friendly film arrangements, etc.

Meryl Streep's Reaction to 2017 Oscars Best Picture ...
This is what cultural diversity in Hollywood looks like

In reflection it will be great to see the growth of the freedom of expression and diversity in the arts happen organically in a genuine intrinsic manner without excessive prompting or think tank pressure to do so. We shall see. However, to no avail Hollywood, or as some put it Hollyweird is indeed falling and it seems its organizers haven’t gotten the memo yet.

Anyway, the fact of the Matter is there are tons of issues that Hollywood ought to address in its inner closed circle of dysfunction that is deserving of some serious in house cleaning before it collectively rants on about what the wider ‘bottom feeder’ of an audience should do with their lives and what they ought to accept politically.

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Perhaps The age of centralized gatekeeping in ‘Hollywood’ Production is over or indeed coming to an end. Hopefully, what will arise in this potentially new era in artistic expression is something that is both equally creatively free, diverse, and independently riveting. However, it can also be imagined that this new artistic era will be drastically different than the Hollywood Facade the world has been captivated by or with for decades in what seems to be an ever deluded toxic seductive trance of delusion.

Speaking of a differing Comical tirade thought it fitting to include in this explosive piece and viral rant by comedian, Ricky Gervais at the 2020 Golden Globes. Cheers!