What Is The Six Sense?






Is there a six sense? And if there is a six sense can we affectionately name it as, Spiritual Awareness? Indeed there are those who would agree with an emphatic answer of, YES!

It seems to be spiritually aware goes beyond our own reason or IQ of acquired information but involves a deeper spiritual awakening that goes beyond the physical human experience.

Some have reached this level of awareness while others remain numb or indifferent to this reality that we are physical beings yet also possess a spirit within a living soul.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd.”
― Flannery O’Connor,

There is more than just a physical realm as some will agree. There is a Greater Power. A power greater than we are wither we like to believe it or not. A Good example to discover this invisible superior reality is in our human experiences. Ever feel certain aspects of our lives in certain situations are out of our of control? That’s because it is. God’s will ultimately rules. We can’t control everything that’s because there is only one who is really in complete control of things seen and unseen and that’s God Almighty.

Of course this mysterious exhibitor and humble messenger is far from perfect. Indeed in honestly I still have questions yet remain determined to continue this pilgrimage journey called, Life. Of course as long as the Most High sees fit to have me here I’ll keep on fulfilling my duty.

Of course there are those who may disagree with reality of God providing a Savior for humanity through Jesus Christ. But what if this is true? The reality is we all believe in something or someone of course whether we believe in Jesus or not. That’s faith. What do you have faith in? Yourself? Flex the barber? The Government? I don’t know but Jesus says he is the only way the truth and the life so going to take my route towards God to Follow Jesus on this Narrow way he speaks of…Hopefully, you are or will join me.

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”
― Elvis Presley

Of course this road isn’t easy. Traveling on this narrow sacred way isn’t without its afflictions but at the end this path leads to paradise and pleasure forever so… I’m all in on that. Better than thinking this life is all there is because to be frank Life at times can suck royal when dealing with all the pain and suffering because of the wickedness of humanity. So with the increasing cesspool of corruption creeping about just merely thinking of passing out into nothingness to embrace outer darkness with no hope isn’t an appealing perception at all to possess. Although that belief slipping into outer darkness seems like an eerie description of actual hell.

However, there seems to be a ‘prime directive’ of sorts when it comes to belief or faith that points to a guiding principle that exists as a fundamental and equally beneficial ideal when it comes to our engagement. If your belief is strong, sound and true it will stand up to the test no what amount of lies are railed against it. Hence, we can rest assured that the Truth will always prevail victoriously with or without our direct help.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” -Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays, Vol. II:1926-1929  

Coercing someone to accept your position doesn’t necessary mean that they truly accept it intrinsically. Using the excessive use of force to control others to physically persuade people within the digital sphere or otherwise to accept a certain ideology by the installment of penalties such as implementing means for monetary persecution, aligning people in interment camps, or at worst inflicting unwarranted violence on others is inhumane. In fact, this is also un-American in reference to the United States founding Ideals.

Sadly, many people throughout history have lost there lives because they simply held differing religious views on a number of things. By examining our own Human history from the Dark ages to WWII, etc. we are confronted with a stream of disturbing vivid examples of the harmful and brutal implementation of sadistic ideological adoption crusades. However, hopefully humanity does not return to that barbaric past of physical intolerance by proxy. The torch in this generation is now ours.

The end Game is to get to a place where we can be free. Truly free. Not fake free disguised as oppression but really and truly free beings. Where humanity can thrive and grow fruitfully multiplying both with goodness and with grace.

There is a phrase ‘Team Work Makes The Dream Work.’ This is a impactful phrase to consider. It seems although we are dealing with our own collective set of imperfections ‘we the people’ can accomplish much together in unity. Perhaps that’s why the divide and conquer War Strategies are so affective in cultural societies because it drastically stifles true progressive movement of all humanity. Yet, it can be inferred that ‘we the people ‘ can get together if we so choose to spread love and light in this world in order to creatively develop even better “sustainable” ways for humanity to thrive and grow.

The question now is…

Are we now too scared or socially indifferent to listen to alternate views of others? Can we truly listen & evaluate another side of the story before we reach our own conclusions?

Have we become so socially conditioned that we can no longer have a respectful fact based debate on any given topic with the awareness that we may not successfully persuade each other to our view points yet, still can appreciate the benefits from the exchange of our free expression and open discourse?



Common Sense

And…Critical Thinking Skills. Check.

Lets Provide A Voice For The Voiceless

WE THE PEOPLE must step up to the plate to speak truth as we work together towards the common good for not only our fellow statesmen but for the benefit of all humanity. That is what will make this world genuinely more “sustainable.”


Thought it to be fitting to conclude this Show & Tell silique with an equally fitting poem. Peace and blessings. Enjoy!

All lies fall short, must bend the knee
When facts begin to glow
Where like The Lord and like the sea
All streams of truth must flow

Like dogs to vomit we return
Once more we play as fools
When from the past we fail to learn
When tongues are Satan’s tools

Yet tongues are not alone to blame
The mind can be a snare
Our hands perform their work of shame
That needs so oft repair

We must defend each evil lie
Must hide it night and day
But truth prevails and cannot die
Whatever else we say

Truth needs no mask for prying eyes
From nought it takes to flight
Deceit, though seeks to wear disguise
And fears the searching light

The facts have need of no defense
No truth must end it’s course
Need pay to life, no recompense
For God’s its only source

It’s always firm, always erect
Through tempest storm and gale
No syllable will God reject
When time has come to fail

Deceit will quake before the throne
Bear all the Judge on high
But God claims truth as Jesus’ own
And gives what none can buy…
Michael P. Johnson

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  1. You’ve addressed so many different aspects of life and living. Faith should be a constant in every situation. And being at peace allows an individual to face and embrace any situation. I do believe, united we stand, divided we fall. There’s really no competition when everyone’s finally headed in the same direction.

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